Ken Hom VERSUS Bill Nye? A Case for the Sacred Feminine Word

You’ve all heard about the debates between Ken Hom and Bill Nye. Now Ken has turned his attention to Christ Tilling to start a debate about the literal meaning of the Holy Scripture. In the spirit of open and honest – but caring, loving and spiritual – let’s debate by offering a similar but different path – literal and metaphorical – for us all to travel hand-in-hand.

Let me start by saying that there’s nothing wrong with a literal reading.

As long as it also embraces The Word of our hearts.

In the original Hebrew of John’s Prologue (I use “John” for convenient shorthand – there’s no evidence he was a man), the Greek for “Word” (or “Logos”) is actually originally a feminine noun meaning “Divine Feminine Wisdom”.

And the Divine Feminine Wisdom – or Lady Jesus – was In the Beginning at Creation.

Literally AND spiritually. Both man AND woman.

And neither.

Ken is a formidable intellect, as shown by his honorary degree from arguably the center of American learning, Liberty University, with its apt motto, Knowledge Aflame.

But he’s more than that.

Ken has also shown his sacred feminine by being one of the world’s leading chefs of healthy and ethnic food.

He has also produced some exquisitely crafted woks and “ethnic cookware” since 1986.

Ken Hom’s feminine ethnic cookware

And, yes, that’s right. They are the shape of the sacred womb.

And of all different shapes and sizes.

And, yes, just like real, everyday vaginas are.

Is that not the story of the Incarnation in a nutshell? Or, if you like, in a wok?

Maybe, one day, after a period of recollection and prayer, the Sacred Feminine might find a place in Ken’s Creation Museum and all us Christians – whether American or one of those peoples who wear grass skirts – could all embrace Lady Jesus.

Whether we believe in her literally or spiritually.

So, instead of this being about Ken Hom VERSUS Bill Nye, let this be about us all embracing in Christ the Sacred Feminine Word, whether a leading intellectual, rewarded for putting knowledge to the flame, or a simple Arab-Jewish feminist like Jesus.

With difference in egalitarianality.



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